Journal of New Frontiers in Education and Social Sciences (JNFESS)


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Aim and Scope of the Journal 

Journal of New Frontiers in Education and Social Sciences (JNFESS) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal facilitating communications among Education and Social Science researchers with cross-disciplinary research interests. JNFESS provides an outlet for the increasing flow of interdisciplinary research across education and social science. It is an essential material for scientists in education and social science, academics, graduate students, and practitioners in education and social science research. 


Adult Education, Art Education, Business Education, Classical Education, Contemplative Education, Curriculum Theory, Democratic Education, Early Childhood Education, Educational Administration, Educational Anthropology, Educational Insights, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Theory, E-Learning, English as a Second Language, Higher Education Policy, Industrial Teacher Education, Informal Learning, Initial Teacher Education, Instructional Theory, Interactive Media In Education, Internationalization, Issues In Education, Inclusive Learning and Special Education, Indigenous Education, Innovative Teaching Models, Knowledge Evaluation, Leadership in Learning, Learning Modalities, Mathematics Education, Music Education, Normative Curriculum Theory, Normative Philosophies, Normative Theories of Education, Open Education, Philosophy of Education, Primary and Secondary Education, Science Education, Self-Directed Learning, Sociology of Education, Teacher Education, Teaching Sociology, Technical Education, Technology Education, Theories of Education, Vocational Education, and Allied Subjects.
Social Sciences
Anthropology, Area studies, Business Studies, Civics, Communication Studies, Criminology, Demography, Ecology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Law, Library Science, Linguistics, Media Studies, Oceanography, Paleontology, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Social Work, Sustainable Development and Allied Subjects.
Call for Papers
Original research papers and review papers in Education, Social Sciences, and related disciplines from Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists, etc.,  are invited for presentation and publication. 
Paper Submission
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