Determined, Dedicated and Done

Institute of Mathematics and Management (Pvt) Ltd, is incorporated as a private institute under the Companies Act, No 7 of 2007, Sri Lanka (PV 88590) on October 02, 2012. With excellence in the educational and research spheres, the Institute of Mathematics and Management (IMM) is staunch in its niche of being a quality education, research, and analytical support service provider.

The IMM expands its horizons by vertical integration and established the institute in Australia  (ABN 85650928864) on May 25, 2022.

Our Vision                         

To be the best education and research provider in the world within the Blue Ocean Strategy

Our Mission

To discover and disseminate knowledge; enhance innovation, and promote a culture in the hands of the Mother of All Sciences

Our Discoveries 

Our Logo

The logo describes the objectives, goals, and business strategy of the IMM. The design is based on the set theory; the outer “Blue Circle” is the universal set and the inner “Purple Circle” is a subset of it. The blue circle represents the "Blue Ocean Strategy" and “Sustainability”. The orange color of the name “INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICS AND MANAGEMENT” is associated with the meanings of enthusiasm, creativity, encouragement, and freedom. The motto of the institute “DETERMINED, DEDICATED AND DONE” is written in red, symbolizing: strength, passion, and power. Lotuses rise from the mud without stains, hence the lotuses on either side symbolized purity. The purple color of the inner circle of the logo is associated with wisdom and independence. The Integral sign and the function notation inside the inner circle are meant for “Mathematical Modelling”.In brief, our aim is not to outperform the competition but to redraw industry boundaries by innovation and operate within that new space to achieve sustainability goals.

Web of Science ResearcherID  ABS-4074-2022 

Our courses

Diploma in Applied Statistics & Research Methods - Intake II

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Course Commences: The date will be notified later

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One Day Workshop on Infectious Disease Modelling

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Workshop Commences: The date will be notified later

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One Day Workshop on Econometric Modelling

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Short Course in Applied Statistics & Research Methods - Intake IX

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Course Commences 3 December 2022. Extended. The date will be notified later.

Our Services

International Collaboration

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), between the Institute of Mathematics and Management (IMM) Sri Lanka and the University Institute of Management (UIM), Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh(M.P), India was signed on 9th August 2021, by Dr.(Mrs) W.G.Samanthi Konarasinghe – Academic Director, Institute of Mathematics and Management, Sri Lanka, Professor. Kapil Deo Mishra-Vice Chancellor, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Mr.Deepesh Mishra – Registrar, Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, and Professor.Shailesh Choube–Director, University Institute of Management, India.The Parties recognize the benefits to be derived from increased collaboration, cooperation, and interaction for the further promotion of teaching and research activities. This MOU is to define the areas for fundamental, academic research in which the Parties desire to work together for their mutual benefit to foster a collaborative framework between both of them in the field of research with a view to benefiting from each other’s initiatives and working procedures and to support collaboration among the researchers associated with both Parties.

Education and Support Services

We offer Courses in Applied Statistics & Research Methodology, Time Series Forecasting and Applications, Industrial Mathematics and Mathematical Methods for Economics & Finance suits for higher degree research students, academicians, researchers, scientists in the fields of; Science & Technology, Business, Economics, Management, Finance, Health Care & Biological Sciences, Education, Humanities & Social Sciences and many more. The education support service of IMM is uniquely focused on Mathematics Education at the Tertiary level.

Research Consultancy

The IMM Research consultancy is a tailor-made service for academicians, researchers, and postgraduate research students. We offer step-by-step guidance in research, data analysis, and statistical software handling. 

Business Analytics

IMM business analytical services provide a competitive advantage to companies. We provide; Decision Analytics, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive analytics. Some of the domains within analytics are; Behavioral analytics, Contextual data modeling, Health care analytics, etc. Also, IMM provides scientific guidance for portfolio selection and investment decisions. 

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