Journal of New Frontiers in Economics and Business (JNFEB)


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Aim and Scope of the Journal 

Journal of New Frontiers in Economics and Business (IJNFEB) is an international peer-reviewed academic journal facilitating communications among Economists and Business researchers with cross-disciplinary research interests. JNFEB provides an outlet for the increasing flow of interdisciplinary research across economics and business. It is an essential material for economists, scientists in social science, research, and development management entrepreneurs.


Behavioral Economics, Business Economics, Constitutional Economics, Cultural Economics, Development Economics, Ecological Economics, Economic Geography, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Gender Economics, Industrial Economics, Information Economics, International Economics, Labor Economics, Managerial Economics, Mathematical Economics or Econometrics, Resource Economics, Urban Economics, Public Economics, Descriptive, Theoretical and Policy Economics, Monetary Economics, and Allied Subjects.

Business Management

Auditing, Business Administration, Business and Management,Business Communication, Business Statistics, Business Education, Business Ethics, Business Law, Case Studies on  Business and  Management, Commerce, Consumer Behavior, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility Issues, Decision Sciences, Engineering Related to Business, Entrepreneurship, Estate Management and Valuation, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, General Management, Global Issues on Business and Management, Health and Hospital Administration, Hospitality Industry, Human Resource Management, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Manufacturing Engineering , Marketing Management , Mathematics for Finance , Management  Accounting, Multidisciplinary Areas of Business and Management, Operations Management, Public Administration, Project Management ,Sociology in Business and Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, Service Management, Sustainable Development, Taxation, Travel, Transportation and Tourism, and  Allied Subjects.

Call for Papers

Original research papers and review papers in Economics, Business Management, and related disciplines from Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists, etc.,  are invited for presentation and publication. 

Paper Submission

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