IMM Conference on Management & Social Sciences - 2023 Sydney        

  Research Conference with Workshop on Data Analytics

  Organizer: Institute of Mathematics and Management, Sri Lanka

  Date: 30-31 March 2023

  Venue: Western Sydney University, Australia

Deadline for Paper Submission: 31 January 2023

The importance of knowledge creation and sharing is well understood in the knowledge society. Academicians and researchers across the world sweat for making a better world; conduct research, attempt quality publications, meet other scholars at research forums to share knowledge, etc. Yet factors are hindering the target. Over the decades, it had been observed that a large number of published research articles are erroneous due to a lack of knowledge in quantitative research. Institute of Mathematics and Management(IMM) is determined to fill the knowledge gap; take the initiative to conduct the conference along with the "Workshop in Data Analytics". 

                                                                                                  Keynote Speaker

Dr.(Mrs).W.G.Samanthi Konarasinghe
Academic Director, Institute of Mathematics and Management, Sri Lanka
 &  Researcher, Western Sydney University, NSW, Australia
Topic: Impact of Digital Transformation in Business

Themes & Sub Themes of IMMCMSS 2023 Sydney
Agri-Business, Agriculture Management, Auditing, Business Administration, Business and Management, Business Communication, Business Statistics, Business Education, Business Ethics, Business Law, Commerce, Consumer Behavior, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility Issues, Decision Sciences, Engineering Related to Business, Entrepreneurship, Estate Management and Valuation, Financial Management, Financial Accounting, General Management, Global Issues on Business and Management, Health and Hospital Administration, Hospitality Industry, Human Resource Management, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Industrial Engineering, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Manufacturing Engineering , Marketing Management , Mathematics for Finance, Management  Accounting, Multidisciplinary Areas of Business and Management, Operations Management, Public Administration, Project Management ,Sociology in Business and Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, Service Management, Sustainable Development, Taxation, Travel, Transportation and Tourism, Indigenous Management and  Allied Subjects.

Social Sciences
Agriculture Economics, Anthropology, Area studies, Behavioral Economics, Business Economics, Business Studies, Civics, Constitutional Economics, Cultural Economics Communication studies, Criminology, Demography, Development Economics Ecology, Economics, Econometrics, Environmental Studies, Economic Geography, Environmental Economics, Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Gender studies, Gender Economics, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Industrial Economics, Information Economics, International Economics,  Law, Labor Economics, Library science, Linguistics, Media studies, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Managerial Economics, Mathematical Economics, Monetary Economics, Paleontology, Political science, Psychology, Public Administration, Public Economics, Sociology, and Allied Subjects.
Call for Papers
Original research papers and review papers in Management, Business Administration, Education, Social Sciences, and related disciplines from Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students, Research Scholars, Faculty, Scientists, etc., are invited for presentation and publication.
The review process consists, Desk screening and Peer Review as follows; 
Desk Screening
Each manuscript submitted to the conference will be first evaluated by the Editor/Editorial Board. The Editor/Editorial Board has the right to desk review and “desk rejects” the manuscript without sending it out for peer review.
Peer Review            
After an initial evaluation by the Editor/Editorial Board, the manuscript will be sent to two reviewers appointed by the Editor/ Editorial Board. The number of reviewers can be increased if necessary.IMM employs double-blind reviewing – both the reviewer(s) and the author(s) remain anonymous throughout the process. The reviewer(s) will evaluate the manuscript's originality, significance, research design, methodology, presentation of results, and appropriate referencing of relevant past studies. If the reviewer(s) recommend revision, the Editor/Editorial Board may invite the author(s) to revise and resubmit the manuscript based on the comments and suggestions from the reviewer(s). The author(s) need to re-submit the revised manuscript on or before the date announced by the Editor/Editorial Board. The Editor/Editorial Board will make the final decision on acceptance/rejection based on the final reviewer (s).
Publication Opportunities 
Abstracts of the papers will be published in Conference Proceedings; Hard copy or E-copy, with ISSN. Selected full papers will be published in the Journal of New Frontiers in Economics and Business (JNFEB) or Journal of New Frontiers in Education and Social Sciences (JNFESS) with ISSN, within three months from the date of the conference. Conference proceedings will be uploaded to Zenodo and Index to Open AIRE. 
Deadline for Abstract Submission:31 January 2023  
Submission of Papers
Participants intending to present papers at conferences are requested to submit a soft copy of the abstract.
For participants intending to publish the full paper in journals, JNFEB and JNFESS are requested to submit a soft copy of the full paper within 30 days from the date of the conference.
Submission Guidelines
Refer to the Abstract Template and Full Paper Template for guidance. 
Notifications of acceptance/ rejection are within 2 weeks from the date of submission. Indicate the conference name on the right top of your paper "IMMCMSS 2023 Sydney". 
Submit your paper to both and

Workshop on Data Analytics (WDA)
Instructors: Dr (Mrs.) W.G.Samanthi Konarasinghe, and Major K.M.Udaya Banda Konarasinghe(Retired)
This workshop will be hands-on and driven by examples, using real-life data sets from the fields of; Life Sciences & Health Care, Business & Economics, Finance, Tourism Management, Meteorology, and many more. The intended participants for the course are students and practitioners of a data-driven environment.
Outline and Objectives
The statistical software; MINITAB, MATLAB/SPSS, and Excel will be the main tools utilized in the workshop, but the previous knowledge in handling the above software is not a must. The entire workshop will be example-driven; therefore participants are encouraged to bring a laptop computer (Windows) for optimum benefit. Instructions for installing the necessary software can be sent to the participants before the workshop or trial versions of software can be provided at the workshop. By the end of the day, participants will have learned; Mathematical/ Statistical Modeling; Introduction to Big Data handling and Programming; Parametric VS Non- parametric Statistics; Descriptive Statistics; Inferential Statistics; Univariate and Multivariate Forecasting. Participants can have direct communication with the instructors (via e-mail or Skype); to get guidance for their future work. 
About the Instructors
Dr.(Mrs.)W.G.Samanthi Konarasinghe, an award-winning Scientist has served as a Statistical Consultant and a Lecturer for more than two decades. She has developed various Mathematical and Statistical Techniques for the world. The Circular Model(CM), Circular Indicator(CI), and Sama Circular Model(SCM)are two widely applied techniques whilst the Damped Circular Model(DCM)and Forced Circular Model(FCM) are the recently developed models. Dr.Samanthi has won the Best Paper Award from the International Conference on Advances in Mathematics, Computers & Physical Sciences and the International Conference on Business, Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities for her research findings. She was awarded the“IMRF BEST SCIENTIST AWARD, INDIA” for her invaluable contribution to the field of Statistics. She has been in constant demand due to her new findings, getting invitations from various destinations to share her knowledge as the keynote speaker, invited speaker, etc. at international research forums in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Australia. Also, she was the guest of honor and the chief guest of many International research forums.
Dr.Samanthi is a multi-disciplinarian; has obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics; a Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Mathematics; a Master of Science in Applied Statistics, a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics. Also has a Diploma in Classical Music. She is a member of; the American Statistical Association (ASA), Statistical Society Australia (SSA), Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka(IASSL), and National Science Foundation(NSF), Sri Lanka. She is the Editor in Chief of, Journal of New Frontiers in Mathematics & Statistics; Journal of New Frontiers in Economics & Business; Journal of New Frontiers in Healthcare & Biological Sciences; Journal of New Frontiers in Education & Social Sciences, published by the Institute of Mathematics and Management of Sri Lanka. Also an Editorial board member of the American Journal of Theoretical And Applied Statistics (AJTAS). She is an Advisory member Technical/ Scientific Conference Committee member of the Scientific and Technical Research Association (STRA). Most interestingly, Dr. Samanthi is not only a Scientist but also an Artist; a Violinist, Painter, Writer, Drama producer, and Actress. The membership magazine of the American Statistical Association; “AMSTATNEWS” wrote two testimonials on her.
Major K.M.Udaya Banda Konarasinghe, an award-winning Scientist has served as a Research Consultant and a Lecturer over the last decade. He is a distinguished researcher in the fields of, Tourism & Hospitality Management; Econometrics; Biological & Healthcare research. He is an expert in Time Series Modelling and Forecasting and made an unparalleled contribution to combating the COVID-19 pandemic. He is an entrepreneur, who has taken initiative to the Institute of Mathematics and Management, Sri Lanka which provides a unique service in Education and Research. The Sama Circular Model (SCM) is a recent development in the field of Stochastic Modelling. The SCM is capable of capturing all the components(Trend, Seasonal, and Cyclical) of a time series with the least effort. Especially the SCM separates many seasonal and/or cyclical behaviors in a time series. It had been widely applied in the fields of Finance, Economics, Tourism & Hospitality, etc., and has proven its superiority among other statistical forecasting methods. Yet the SCM had never been applied in the field of Epidemiology until Major Udaya does in modeling COVID-19 infected cases. He showed that the SCM is the most successful technique in forecasting daily infected cases in many countries. Further, he identified a damped and forced type of oscillations in the time series of infected cases under the COVID -19 pandemic. Hence in 2021, Major Udaya and his fellow researcher developed two new forecasting techniques, named “Damped Circular Model and Forced Circular Model”.Major Udaya won the Outstanding Paper Award at the 14th International Conference on Business Management (ICBM), University of Sri Jayawardanapura of Sri Lanka in 2017.
He was invited to share his knowledge and experience as the keynote speaker at international research forums in Germany, Dubai, and Italy and several sessions chaired in Thailand. He is a member of the National Science Foundation (NSF), Sri Lanka. He is the Editorial Manager of, the Journal of New Frontiers in Mathematics & Statistics; Journal of New Frontiers in Economics & Business; Journal of New Frontiers in Healthcare & Biological Sciences; Journal of New Frontiers in Education & Social Sciences, published by the Institute of Mathematics and Management of Sri Lanka. He is one of the Reviewer Board Members of the International Journal of Statistics and Mathematics, Premier Publishers, Nigeria, Banwa Series B. Natural and Applied Sciences, Center for the Advancement of Research in Mindanao (CARIM) the Philippines, and Cogent Economics and Finance, Taylor and Francis Group, United Kingdom.

Presentation/participation is possible either in person or online.
Deadlines for Registration
Presenters: 28 February 2023
Participants: 21 March 2023

Option 1: Conference and Workshop (In-person at Western Sydney University, Australia )
Lower/Lower Middle Income Countries
Upper Middle /Upper-Income  Countries 
Academician/Professional/ Practitioners etc.
USD 300
USD 450
Undergraduate/  Postgraduate Students (Must provide a copy of student ID card 
USD 250
USD 430 
Participant (Without paper presentation and publication)
USD 200
USD 330
Option 2:Conference and Workshop (Online)
Lower/Lower Middle Income Countries
Upper Middle/Upper-Income Countries 
USD 100
USD 200
USD 50
USD 100
Kindly note that
1. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register.
2. On the spot, registration is not valid for presenters.
3. Each paid registration covers only one paper. You can pay Extra Paper Charges for one more paper from the same first author who already has a paid registration with a 20% discount price.
4. The above Registration fees are for strictly one participant only. If more than one author from the same paper wants to attend, they have to make separate registrations.
5. Payment must be made in USD.
6. Delegates must bear the Service Charge/transaction charge (if any) of the bank on the Sender's Side.
7. Registration Fees include one conference Kit which includes; Conference bag/ Folder, One conference proceeding, Note pad, Pen, ID card.
8. Presentation certificate to each author and co-author.
9. The paid registration fee is not refunded.